Trigger Warning
Please remember that these messages may discuss difficult topics, including death and grief, which may be triggering. Make sure to take care of yourself and mental state during this time.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

A shooting star streaks across the sky
For just a fleeting second
Before it is gone
Before its life is at an end
A person’s life is the same
It goes by in a blink
But if you close your […]

Happy Birthday Imogen

Imogen, I will love you until the stars burn out and there is nothing left in the world. Yet I don’t think even if I live forever I’ll be able to describe what you mean […]

A Letter On Grief

Dear Imogen —

I haven’t slept in a while and I am so tired. Things get dark each night and the darkness is like a deep navy blue, thick and suffocating as it lays over the […]

IF You Chalkback

IF you Chalk Back, then you can learn.

On Saturday, September 26th from 11 am to 1 pm in Wagner Park, Catcalls of NYC and the Imogen Foundation invite everyone to learn about the issue of […]

IF We March For Women

Virtual Women’s March hosted by members of the Youth Advisory Board

60 Marchers attended our virtual event for discussion, activism, comradery, and live video feed from the March at Washington Square Park. […]

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